Mission #4: Visiting with Ashli and Sadie

ImageIf you’ve never driven to Long Island and back from New York City, let me tell you, it’s [usually] not a fun experience.  You will most likely experience (a) bumper-to-bumper traffic, (b) road construction, (c) or both.  You might even get distracted, and turn into Kennedy Airport, as I did once, where there is no option for exiting but circling the entire airport.  Plotting routes around Long Island commouter traffic is a local pastime – and an obsession for some.  [Hey – I sense a math project in there ….]   But I live in Brooklyn.  I am fortunate to have a very short commute to work – 2 buses, total trip time approximately 25 minutes (mostly because I am traveling at 6:15 a.m., or Ass O’Clock, as my daughter calls it).  I barely have time to skim through my morning email on the bus, much less listen to podcasts.  So I save up my listening for a monthly medical appointment for which I need to drive out to Long Island – the land in which I grew up and try not to visit too often.

For some reason, my phone had not been synching properly with my computer, so I fell behind this summer on my Infinite Tangents podcasts.  I found Infinite Tangents when I just coming out my Twitter lurking phase last spring.  I listened to the first few podcasts, and followed Ashli’s (@Mythagon) instructions to make a recording of myself answering a few questions.  Imagine my surprise to hear my own voice coming out of my car radio the following week, describing what I did during my lunch hour at school!  I was, of course, an instantly devoted and diehard fan.   I listened to all of the episodes available, and enjoyed putting faces to voices at #TMC13.

Today, I listened to Ashli’s 2 part interview with @wahedabug (finally know how to pronounce that!) which made me want to get on a plane to Hawaii and go observe her classroom!  For the time being, though, I will visit Sadie’s blog regularly.   Even though I had the pleasure of meeting both of these amazing women this past summer, the interview gave me an insight into how both of them think as educators, and planted new seeds in my mind – the continual gift of the #MTBoS (Math TwittoBlogosphere).

Road construction on the last mile home permitted me to whet my appetite for the interview with Lisa Henry, the powerhouse that smoothly ran Twitter Math Camp 2013.  I can’t wait to hear tales from her treasure trove of experience, and probably won’t wait until my next drive to Long Island to do so.


  1. lsquared76

    I don’t have a long drive on a regular basis, but I can’t wait until I have one! I will definitely be looking into these podcasts!! I guess I’ll have to meet my friend half-way again for dinner (and hour and a half drive) to get the opportunity!

  2. Amy McNabb

    I’ve been wanting to listen to Infinite Tangents but I haven’t had time yet. My attention span for audio is pretty short, so loading some up and saving them for a drive is a good idea.

  3. jemmapduck

    oooh! I have a 3 hour bus journey to go visit my family every few months and I had never thought of a podcast to pass the time, I normally just listen to music. I’ll be giving the infinite tangents podcast a go next time – thanks for sharing!

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