Before I head to the lake…

My view for the next 2 weeks

My view for the next 2 weeks

I’m about to embark on my annual pilgrimage to Lake Dunmore in Vermont.  It’s a little piece of heaven on earth which I have visited almost every summer for 20 years.  It’s the place where I truly relax and restore, where my family’s collective vacation memories live.  And while I will spend a little time contemplating the coming school year (and hopefully having a Burlington tweet-up with @jaz_math and @SmithTeach), writing curriculum is not on the itinerary.    Thus, my feverish work on the geometry curriculum – revised here:

It’s not finished by a long shot, but I’ve combed through the clippings I’ve been making in Evernote all year (thanks to the presentation by @borschtwithanna at #TMC13), the blog posts I have bookmarked, and the hyperlinks therein, annotating the map with ideas for activities and lessons.  I’m still wrestling with the Geogebra iPad app, but I’ve had personal assistance from the Geogebra Queen, @jensilvermath, and offers of help from others like @a_mcsquared, so I’m hopeful I will be able to incorporate this interactive tool in a way that will enhance geometric reasoning.    So again, I welcome feedback and suggestions.

I’ve also drafted a sheet to use each week for recording daily warm-up activities.  I owe this document to @algebraniac’s Weekly Warm-Up sheet, Lisa Bejarano’s spin-off, and finally Kathryn Belmonte’s shared presentation on Math Maintenance from #TMC14.

Here is my version of the weekly warm-up sheet:

Again, everything is a work in progress, but having completed reasonable drafts of both of these documents, I am ready to relax.  And maybe play with designing my own Interactive Notebook….

I have to conclude by thanking everyone in the #MTBoS who shares their hard work so generously.  Looking at all the links in my curriculum map, I am incredibly grateful to this community of people – some of whom I know, many who I don’t – that thrives in mutually beneficial interpersonal professional development.  I regret that I missed #TMC14, but honestly, I feel everyone’s presence as strongly as ever.  Lucky, lucky me.

Chippy seems to rotate just a few degrees each year.

Chippy seems to rotate just a few degrees each year.


The stuff of memories


  1. Kathryn

    I’m so impressed by your curriculum document. It looks so useful! That may not sound like much of a compliment, but trust me that it is. I’ve switched courses so many times in my career that I haven’t gotten to the point of really refining one yet. This may be the year and I will be coming back to your awesome document for reminders of what kinds of things I can include. Thanks for the shout-out in reference to the warm-ups. I like what you’ve put together and will be interested to hear how it works this year. Thanks for sharing!

    • Wendy Menard

      Kathryn – thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment. I’ve developed several courses on the fly, but this is the first time I’ve really written up a map correctly (sort of). And useful is exactly what I hope it will be – one document that keeps track of all my ideas. I’ve already revised it to include more activities. I hope I can be consistent with the warm-up this year; the form will hopefully keep me on track.

      Thanks again – Wendy

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