#MTBoS 2016 Blogging Initiative Week 2 – My Favorite


I’ve been watching the posts on this topic go up all week, and, as usual, have been taking notes on the wealth of resources my online community has been sharing.  It’s been a rough week, despite the Monday holiday; it’s been an end-of-term-grade-anxiety, getting-over-stomach-virus, finally-winter-has-hit kind of week, and to be honest, nothing was feeling too favorite to me except the weekend ahead (and delicious it is, I must admit, cozily watching the snow outside).  But I realize now that I have had a chance to breathe, that there are MANY things that are favorites of mine, so I’m going to highlight just a few of them.

My Favorite Strategy/Routine I love my weekly math maintenance routines.  Regardless of the group of students working on these, the engagement level is high.  I didn’t invent this202_answerstrategy – it was gleaned from at least one of my colleagues in the Blogosphere -most notably, Jessica over at Algebrainiac.  And my favorite part of this weekly routine?  My students inevitably ask me if I am making the solution videos over
at http://www.estimation180.com/.  These oh-so-cynical children became quite passionate this year over the legality of stirring down the marshmallows so that they melt a bit in order to fit more into this cup of hot chocolate.  Fun times.


‘Fata Morgana’ by Teresita Fernández at Madison Square Park

My Favorite Site for Last Minute Resources Hands down, this has to be Don Steward. Whenever I need something for a challenge,  a little differentiation, a different entry point, or another way to look at/practice a familiar topic, this is the place to go.  Where does he come up with these things?  Where do all those great banner images come from?  I don’t know the answer to either question, but I do know that this blog never disappoints.

IMG_7067Favorite Classroom Moment(s) Even though at times it has been the bane of the semester, my 6th period problem-solving class has also provided some of the term’s best times.  On several occasions, the solution paths to problems posed in this class have sparked huge debate.  The kids love to complain about the work, but when I distribute the problems for insertion into their notebooks (there is nothing like glue and scotch tape to unite a fragmented table of kids, even at age 17), they immediately begin cutting, pasting and arguing.   The conversation over City of Truth versus the City of Lies from Math is Fun (another great resource for challenges AND content) can only be described as passionate and delightfully cacaphonous. Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.42.29 PM

Non-Math Class related Favorite Video of the Week I haven’t been watching Stephen Colbert since he made his move to late night network TV, but this video may have changed all of that.  Makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it, and I’m up to my fifth go round so far.  Cheers!


  1. Jennifer

    I love your math maintenance routine. I started this year doing something similar. (In the past I always had a review problem as a class starter and always struggled with student engagement.) I just recently found the estimation180 site and will be adding it to my routine next year!

  2. Lydia Kirkman

    Love this Wendy. I too stole @algebrainic’s routine and I love how it helps me be accountable to sticking to these great routines.

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