Cool Resource Compilations – Problem-Solving/Tasks/Puzzles

I am taking this cue from Colleen Young; I know I have a Virtual Filing Cabinet, but I keep coming across great compilations that I would like to go back to when I have specific needs.  Even though I save things in Evernote, I tend to use that as a resource for saving specifically tagged items related to content.  So I will adding and updating this page, for my own use, and anyone else’s.  Feel free to send me a link to a great resource to include!


Nrich Secondary Tasks and Problems – The Nrich site has loads of problems, tasks, all kinds of goodies to enrich anyone’s classroom.  The link here is for the secondary resources page, but there are elementary pages too.

Joe Champion’s Problem-Solving Site – Classic Problems, great selection organized by category: Knots, Chessboards, Fewest Cuts, etc.

Colleen Young’s Problem Solving Page – Links and activities from the inspiration for this page


FAMAT Test Bank – from Florida – competition  test questions, LOTS OF THEM!

Peter Liljedahl is a professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.  In addition to many great articles, he has a page full of resources and links to more.

Colleen Young’s Rich Tasks Page – what it says – links and commentary

MEDIAN by Don Steward – This page would be sorely incomplete without a link to Don Steward’s blog, where every post can be turned into multiple lesson ideas.  How does he do it??

Puzzles/Games/Brain Teasers– Daily Challenges on all topics

Gray Watson’s Brain Teasers Many brain teasers

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