Interactive Notebooks

Sample INB Cover - Numbers About Me

Sample INB Cover – Numbers About Me



This year I am committed to using Interactive Notebooks in my Geometry classes.  I have scoured the MTBoS, borrowing liberally from Everybody is a Genius (@msrubinteach), Algebraniac (@algebraniac1), and School of Fisher.  I am also indebted to the INB workshop run by Megan Hayes-Golding at #TMC13, in which my superior organizational schools were put to good use in supporting INB implementation.  These are only the most recent resources I have borrowed from; I am grateful to everyone who has been generous with their resources, and intend to do the same.

On this page I will post documents and graphic organizers used in my class, along with descriptions of (a) how I intend to use them and/or (b) how they ended up being used and (c) whether they were successful or not.  Feel free to borrow, and definitely feel free to comment and challenge me.

My first document is the reference sheet for the inside cover of the notebooks.  I have included on this reference sheet concepts from Algebra 1 that students will use in Geometry and [in my experience] may need a little help remembering, as well as geometric concepts and content from earlier grades.

August 26, 2014

I want to reinforce the Standards for Mathematical Practice, so, not wanting to re-invent the wheel as I am so good at doing, I am borrowing this wonderful graphic organizer from Kathryn Belmonte (@iisanumber) at i is a number:

Thanks, Kathryn!

October 1, 2014

Thanks to the crystal clear instructions on the beautifully designed constructions foldable by Julie,  I was able to design a smaller one of my own for the first three constructions we have done.

I designed this (with a little help from my friends) foldable when we began to study angle pairs.

And borrowed VERY liberally from @msrubinteach for my introduction to parallel lines.

Here are some beautiful notebooks:  perp   exemplar 2

 exemplar INB







I have begun grading the notebooks for the end of the second marking period, using this rubric:

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